Amish Tea

For all you city brokers and buyers out there you might be shocked to learn that when showing some properties in the country you just show up for an appointment. No need to call first. Why, because they don't use phones.  If there is several days notice, I would then usually send a courtesy post card. What kind of sellers would agrees to this? Well these owners are Amish.

Presently I have 2 Amish Farms for sale.  Yesterday when I went out to show both of them and one was vacant while I knew the other had a family still living there. When we opened the front house door, it was a total surprise to see a sea of plants evenly spread out across all the floors. It was easy to understand that they were being dried in the heat of the closed up house.  Every room was filled with them. The buyers and I both joked, but could tell it wasn't Marijuana grass. However we really were not sure what it was.  After looking over the outside of the house and all the outbuildings, we headed over to the other farm. The owner there was in and had no problem with our impromptu showing and agreed to lead us around his home. Again, we found in the second floor the same plants spread out to dry. We learned they were stinging nettles and many Amish families harvest nettles for medicine and tea. I learned from him that the season is short, you have to gather them up before they flower out. He continued to tell us, he sold most of his to a herb buyer.

If you have never gotten into a field of stinging nettles then lucky you.  I have, and they do really sting. You would have to dress up for this harvest with work gloves and long sleeves and pants making sure to cover all exposed skin, or else! Apparently this noxious weed is also known among herbalist to be a plant that will heal all that ails you. I personally have never tried Stinging Nettle Tea but since learning about it, I think I just might have to give it a try.

The photo on top is a picture of the nettles spread out on the living room floor, the other one is of the buyers and the Amish fellow heading up to take a look at the cistern well powered by wind.

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About the author:

Mary Strang is the Broker-owner of RE/MAX Hill Country Realty located in Viroqua, WI. Home to Organic farming, a small rural city population of about 4000 and a great place to live! Copyright © 2009 by Mary Strang.  All rights reserved... " Amish Tea"  the blog post was written by Mary Strang is believed accurate but may not be guaranteed.


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Amish Tea
For all you city brokers and buyers out there you might be shocked to learn that when showing some properties in the country you just show up for an appointment. No need to call first. Why, because they don't use phones. If there is several days… more
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